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Legislation, policies and codes of practice

The HTA provides advice and guidance about two laws: the Human Tissue Act, and the EU Tissue and Cells Directives - European laws that have been implemented in the UK via the Quality and Safety Regulations. These laws ensure human tissue is used safely and ethically, with proper consent.

Our aim is to make sure that these laws are followed by setting standards that are clear and reasonable, and in which the public and professionals can have confidence. We help people to understand these requirements by providing codes of practice and other advice, guidance and support.

  • Legislation

    Find out more abut the Human Tissue Act 2004 and the Human Tissue (Quality and Safety for Human Application) Regulations 2007, and the way the HTA implements this legislation.

  • Codes of practice

    The HTA produces codes of practice that give professionals practical guidance on human tissue legislation.

  • Policies and position statements

    Read HTA policies, including policies on the definition of relevant material and the sale of bodies, body parts and tissue.

  • HTA legal Directions

    The HTA issues expected standards in the form of legal Directions twice a year. Read our Directions here.

  • Model consent forms

    Consent is the fundamental principle of the Human Tissue Act. Consent must be valid; it must be given voluntarily and by an appropriately informed person who has the capacity to agree to the activity in question. View model consent forms and find out more about what constitutes consent.